Retin-A, tretinoin – what is it and where to buy it?

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Why is tretinoin almost the only anti-aging agent with a proven effect?

The fact is that our skin consists of three main layers: the epidermis, dermis,  subcutaneous fat. Basically, all funds work in the epidermal layer. We remove only the epidermis with acids, expose the skin, forcing it to intensively build up new beautiful and even layers instead of the old, gray one, which consisted of dead cells.

Dermis consists of this type of lattice of collagen and elastin. This lattice is filled with such aspic, which contains all the skin needs. Even in this jelly, such important collagen producers – fibroblasts – such mini-productions – eat one, produce another.

Tretinoin for this all – as additional funding before the president arrives at the factory – everything starts to work quickly, beautifully, smoothly. So that these 24-hour factories have something to make new cells from – they need to eat well – so we need peptide serums and ampoules that will give them these bricks for building a strong new skin lattice. Creams of simple, inexpensive formulations do not penetrate deeply, they serve mainly for protection. Until the age of 28, this lattice is well built without stimulation. Then the process of reducing the production capacity begins. This is where tretinoin comes to the rescue, which stimulates collagen growth and tightens the skin.

For the effect of tight, glossy and young skin without spots and pores, it is advisable to start using tretinoin according to the mild protocol (the exception is very oily, thick skin with pores or skin with acne, more on this at the end): 0.025% (10 mg) 2- 3 times a week, more often it is not necessary – tretinoin acts up to 72 hours in the skin.

Apply in the evening (vitamin A breaks down under the influence of light): they clean the skin in the usual way for you, wait for the skin to completely dry, distribute the pea with a fingertip, and spread it. A PEA, no more, no more studied anti-aging drug than tretinoin, it was found that so much mg is a sufficient concentration on the face area – for simplicity – a pea. Everything.

If dryness, burning, itching is annoying, there are several ways to quench the action of tretinoin:

1. Rinse your face with water or wipe with toner, apply a nourishing, but not moisturizing cream.

2. After 15-20 minutes, apply a nourishing cream or face oil or aloe vera extract.

So, if for 2-3 weeks everything is fine at 0.025 – your skin is taut and even, but you want a wow effect sooner, then: 0.05% according to the same scheme, in the same way.

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The development of skin resistance lasts from two weeks to a month. In the period of addiction, it is normal: dryness, burning, redness (not with a face in the fire, but slight redness), slight periodic itching. When entering the standard protocol, peeling should be small, imperceptible, easily rolling down when cleansing the skin. In order to avoid discomfort, we go on and on, buy the necessary care (about it later) and observe the effect of photoshop in real time on ourselves.

Important: if you are uncomfortable at a dosage of 0.05% – constant peeling – then you either do not sufficiently nourish the skin, or you need to return to 0.025% – any dosage of tretinoin works slowly and correctly. Routine, patience – and in a couple of years you have new skin.

An exception for skin with acne or “elephant-like” skin: 0.05%, of course, will give greater expression and exfoliation and, accordingly, a faster result. For the first month you need 3 packs: 2 pcs. (10 mg) 0.025%, 1 pc. (20 mg) 0.05%, for the second month 0.05% (20 mg) 1 tube. It is only for the face and a little on the neck.

Contraindications: pregnancy, GI, rosacea, rosacea, tan. Before laser procedures, rest stop using for two weeks.

For skin not prone to pigment 30spf is required in the urban rhythm of the office-house. For pigment prone – 50spf, tretinoin photosensitizer. After stopping the use of tretinoin, Sanskrin is required for another 2-3 weeks.

Vitamin A should not be taken while using tretinoin.

The course of tretinoin those who are prone to pigment should finish around March, you can focus on the UV index – no higher than 4. Those who are not at all prone to pigment can use year-round. If you stopped the course by summer, the next fall, the addiction will be the same, all over again.

The ideal algorithm to get a new glossy skin:

In the evening, tretinoin, in the morning acid (tonic or washing), serum with vitamin C, niacin, peptides, mucin (depending on skin needs) any of your cream on top. Cream is desirable with squalane, vitamin E, for dry skin with glycerin. On additional care for tretinoin in the next post.

0.05% can be used on knees, elbows and hands – for whitening and tightening the skin. Still often after the summer there are traces on the shoulder blades after small pimples in the heat – tretinoin instantly removes everything.

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Reviewed: 08/18/2022